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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Working with Rodney McLeod, NFL Safety                                                                    Sports Stretch with College Athlete

Working with Rodney McLeod, NFL's Philadelphia Eagles










                                                                Providing Sports Massages at North Face Endurance Challenge


While there are many benefits of Massage Therapy, here are 15 most common reasons to get a massage: 

  1. Relieve anxiety
  2. Helps fight fatigue
  3. Aids in reducing (or treating) sports injuries
  4. Reduce postoperative pain
  5. Reduce muscle tension
  6. Improve sleep
  7. Lowers blood pressure
  8. Improves cardiovascular health
  9. Decreasing chronic pain
  10. Promotes relaxation
  11. Increases range of motion      
  12. Helps manage pain
  13. Enhances exercise performance
  14. Improve Circulation
  15. Increases blood flow


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