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Massage and Self-Care Retreat

In April 2021, after such a stressful and devastating year of dealing with Covid-19, I wanted to do something that would not only help people relax but, also to try my hand at planning Retreats. I curated an event that was meant to just be as relaxing as one chose. You could schedule a massage, attend several yoga classes, go kayaking or fishing, eat throughout the day or, just stay in bed and relax. 

It was apparent that Self-Care was going to be the focus and participants were free to take care of themselves any way they wanted. 

The weekend was full of laughs, relaxation and just a time to avoid focusing on the previous year. I look forward to hosting future events and, if the right opportunity came along, being an invited guest on others' events. 

Interested in hiring Cherron Lampkins Wellness for your retreat, send an email to collaborate.