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Radio Interview with TuneIn Radio


At the beginning of the Pandemic, I had the opportunity to speak with WTOP about how the pandemic shutdown was affecting my business and the massage industry as a whole. The point I tried to make was that, if more value was put into Massage Therapy for health related issues, those who ran businesses like myself would be considered "Essential", while understanding that we do not come before Doctors and Nurses on the front lines but, still essential. 

 WTOP Radio Interview 


I contributed to RUNGRL magazine to amplify the need to stretch after running or other workouts, in general 

Developing a Post-Run Stretching Routine — RUNGRL Co. by: Cherron Lampkins


20 Unstoppable Entrepreneurs of 2021 featuring me, Cherron Lampkins: 

Top 20 Unstoppable Women Entrepreneurs Of 2021 - Entrepreneurship (entrepreneursherald.com)

Radio Interview with TuneIn Radio